Another great service from SLS, the Vendor/Sponsor Program is designed to increase the opportunities for everyone involved. Whether it’s finding the right people to do business with, increasing ROI, or establishing/maintaining strong business relationships, achieving goals is what this program is all about.

As with all other services offered from SLS, the focus is on the details. SLS brings to bear its extensive experience in detail management to deliver a better ROI scenario for the event host, vendors/sponsors and the attendees themselves. Then, by adding the charm of working with Sherrie Sokolowski, a recognized leader in the event planning industry, relationships are made …and made easier.

By taking full advantage of the Vendor/Sponsor Program, the information, details and relationships available through the course of a normal event, that may have gone unnoticed, become an advantage rather than lost opportunities. This advantage is crafted and maintained by SLS and then offered again with each new event.

What does the Vendor/Sponsor Program look like for those involved? For the event host, it looks like a “done for you” booking of your favorite vendors/sponsors relevant to your event helping to meet the desires of your attendees. For the vendor/sponsor it’s access to events and relationships with event hosts and attendees crucial to your business. For the attendee…it’s the best experience possible. For most events the focus is on those paying to attend, so expectations are high and a smoothly run event is important and appreciated by the attendee. Any absence of quality in event planning/directing, or relevant vendors/sponsors and content can mean the difference between a great experience and a poor one. Through use of the SLS Vendor/Sponsor Program guests can expect a more tailored over-all experience.

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Getting started in this program is easy and the benefits begin right away! If you’re an event host, simply inquire about this program ASAP to determine which of your events this service can be added to. Since time is a factor in delivering the best Vendor/Sponsor Program possible, deciding to take full advantage of this premium service too late in the planning process may be….well, too late.

If you’re interested in being a vendor/sponsor for one of the many various events being planned through SLS, simply enter your information above in the vendor/sponsor sign-up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be placed in queue to be contacted for further Q&A before being placed on the SLS vendor/sponsor list. The entire process for being on the vendor/sponsor list is painless and FREE! That’s right, vendors/sponsors get access to this premium SLS service for nothing more than a conversation.