The “Negotiator” Program

Here’s How You’ll Get The Biggest BANG For Your Buck

With ROI as your primary focus, what you need more than anything is a seasoned, professional, hotel contract “Negotiator” to handle research, negotiating favorable contracts, site selection, and budget planning.

The “Playbook” Program

Here’s How To Have Your Event Planned To The Minute

With detailed planning and ensuring positive ROI regarding every aspect of your event being your primary focus, you need more than just site selection and expert negotiation to achieve your goals with this event. You need an event planner with a playbook to walk you through every minute of your event. SLS Full Service Event Planning includes Research, Negotiating Favorable Contracts, Budget Planning, Pre-Planning Leadership and Support, Post-Conference Debriefing and a report to include suggestions for improving attendee and speaker experience, and maximizing future revenue.

SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC is here to serve as an extension of your event team. The post-conference meeting and accounting is as important as pre-conference planning. SLS will do our part to ensure your bill is correct and will make sure all concessions and credits have been applied. If you requested an account summary, it will offer valuable information that can work for you in future negotiations and event planning.

The “Concierge” Program

Here’s How To Achieve Detailed Execution For Your Next Event

The Concierge Program includes full service event planning plus ONSITE IMPLEMENTATION to include onsite event planning support; such as being Point of Contact for hotel staff to manage your food & beverage, production assistance to help your event run smoothly and on-time. In addition to the services provided in the “Playbook” program, SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC will be onsite for your event ensuring that every detail is attended to in front of and behind the scenes. It’s worth noting that this is an exclusive added value that you simply can’t get through any other event planning service. SLS’ years of experience with high profile, large scale events will prove to be a tremendous asset to you onsite.