Get BANG For Your Buck

Who you are:

You hold small events (less than 100 people) and work hard to deliver a great experience for your attendees.  Your events are typically mastermind meetings or small workshops and your primary objective at your events is to deliver the content you’ve worked so diligently to develop or foster an environment conducive to the mastermind process.  You want a hotel contract that’s stacked in your favor because at the end of the day, if there’s not a good return on investment, you don’t want to hold the event in the first place.  Now it’s high time you got a great deal from your event site hotel.

What your issues tend to be:

If this is your first or one of your first events you don’t know where to start regarding site selection and contract negotiation.  You’re bogged down with the task of filling your event and preparing for it, and since what you teach is your unique ability anyway, you know you can’t continue to struggle with contacting the right person and speaking the right language to get the hotel contract details ironed out in a way that produces positive ROI.  You’re watching your expenses and cognizant of the investment you’re making, but you’re worried that you’re not getting the best deal you could for the money you’re spending.  You’re also worried that hiring someone to do this for you may be counterproductive and cost you more than what you’d save in expert negotiation.

If you’ve had several events before … you’ve been down this road and you know for sure you should be getting a better deal from your event site hotels.  You’ve heard that an event planning expert can help and were likely referred to SLS by someone you know and trust, but you still worry if hiring someone to handle site selection and hotel contract negotiation will cost you more money than it’s worth.  Yet with all the expenses involved with these live events, you know you should work with the best and as you’re about to find out, it will save you money … after all at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

What you need most right now:

Your primary focus needs to be on two important things … #1) Selecting the perfect hotel with the perfect combination of location and features to meet your event’s unique needs (and it may not be the one that’s down the street from your office), and #2) Negotiating the terms of your contract with the selected hotel in meticulous detail to be sure you get the biggest bang for your buck on every point including attrition, F&B, a win-win cancellation clause, rebooking option, a force majeure clause to cover all aspects of possible “what if” scenarios and more.  It’s all about ensuring you get the most bells, whistles, and perks for the best possible price and you simply can’t do that consistently on your own.  Whether you work with SLS Events or someone else, you need to wrap your head around the fact that hiring an expert WILL save you money and let’s face it; unloading site selection and contract negotiation from your to-do list will be a huge weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.