Detailed Execution

Who you are:

Just like a “Plan It To The Minute” person, all of this is true for you too …

Whether your event is for 100 or 1,000 people (or more) you’re committed to delivering high content, with high value and you want a great experience for your attendees.  You’ve worked hard to fill your event and you know you don’t want bad food, bad service, and a big bill from the hotel.  You’re trying to create an event that’s a reflection of who you are as a leader and you don’t want any headaches or missed details.  You’ve got a lot on your plate in preparation for this event and you’re determined to have it be a huge success – both in terms of ROI as well as the impression you leave on your attendees.

But for you, the stakes are getting higher.  Your events have grown in size and your business has grown significantly.  It’s time your events reflected that growth!

What your issues tend to be:

You’ve held events before and relied on your internal staff to execute the details of your event.  The trouble is that as your business has grown, so have their responsibilities. It no longer makes sense with an event of this size and caliber to rely on internal staff that are maxed out on the other details and responsibilities they must attend to in your business – and their responsibilities multiply as the event grows closer.

As your events have grown in size and your profile as a leader in your industry has grown, it’s become even more important for you to run a first class affair that provides an amazing experience for your attendees and leaves a lasting impression.  With that in mind, you’re worried that your amazing assistant(s) and marketing personnel have too much on their plates to take on this important task.

What you need most right now:

Bearing in mind that ROI is still your number one concern, your primary objective needs to be seamless, flawless execution of the event you’ve worked so hard to plan and fill.  This is not just about making sure your AV crew is on point with all of your slides or on cue with your lighting and music requests.  It’s not just about providing your speakers with a first class, concierge experience.  And it’s not just about making sure your registration process runs smoothly and your event stays on schedule (etc., etc.).  It’s about making ALL of these things happen behind the scenes without you having to worry about any of them.  Your focus needs to be on putting the personnel in place to ensure that detailed and professional execution takes place.  So you’ll pull off an event with no detail missed and come in on budget.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about and you don’t need to “guess” or “hope” that nothing falls through the cracks.  You need an event planner with concierge experience and skills to handle it all perfectly for you.