I’ve met a number of people over the years in all forms of business and they all have one common goal, to run a smooth, flawless and highly profitably event. My clients are people just like you in private practice or other independent professionals that own and operate small to medium size businesses. These clients run the gamut of industries from business and life coaches to sales trainers and entertainers (and everything in between).

Something I learned during my time at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™ is there are all kinds of business owners, in all walks of life. All I need is a little background about your company, what your goals and event needs are and we can move forward with planning and executing a successful event.


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To whom ever has the pleasure of working with Sherrie Sokolowski…There are few people you’ll meet in your career as detailed, knowledgeable, friendly, attentive, and organized as Sherrie. From the initial planning phase, straight through to on site implementation, and post event paperwork she really “gets it” and knows what it takes to both monetize your message, and run a seamless event. My event and logistical planning experience (as it relates to audio/visual) is extensive and I recognized the value in working with someone as on top of the details and as forward thinking as Sherrie. I often say that with enough time and planning [and money] we can really “do anything” – Sherrie makes that mantra a reality with her detailed planning and pre event scheduling. It really makes my job, the hotel’s job, the decorator’s job, etc, a breeze, which translates into the smoothest possible on site flow. This allows the presenters to “be in their elements” which translates directly to the success of the event, and quite literally dollars and cents. Anyone with the opportunity to work with Sherrie should take it, as there are few professionals out there with her knowledge, experience and track record for success.

Christopher Gerhart
Impact Audio/Visual

During the last 6-years that I owned and operated Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, I had the good fortune to work with Sherrie Sokolowski as the Event Manager for ALL our events. To cut to the chase….Sherrie is as good as it gets at producing events.

She excels at:

• Locating the correct venue for the event and negotiating the contract so you never get taken advantage of.
• Requesting bids from the Audio/Video Vendors to make sure you have everything you need at the event.
• Working with Contractors to set up an area in your Event for a Trade Show (i.e. Vendors) and all of your staging requirements.
• Making sure that the event goes off WITHOUT a hitch as the liaison between the event venue, AV vendors, Speakers, etc.
• Doing all of the post-event logistics to make sure that you are not being overcharged for anything that was agreed upon.

I couldn’t give Sherrie a higher recommendation if you’re looking for someone to take all of the hassles away from your next event and makeing sure that you get the most professional and economic event for your business.

Bill Glazer,
Founder Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Marketing Strategist, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author

I’ve attended and delivered speeches at many different venues and Sherrie Sokolowski knows how to deliver a world class event! She had it covered from A-Z and made my job easy.

Dina Dwyer-Owens
Chairwoman & CEO
The Dwyer Group, Inc.

Sherrie is by far the most efficient, organized and professional event director I have worked with in my 25 years of either holding my own events or speaking at others. She treats everyone from the attendees to the vendors to the speakers with the upmost respect while remaining friendly and approachable. If you are hosting an event, you would be foolish NOT to get Sherrie on your side.

MaryEllen Tribby
Working Moms Only.com

Together Sherrie and I worked to secure such celebrity talent as Rock Star Gene Simmons, Joan Rivers, Kathy Ireland, Jim McCann, Terry Jones, John Rich and Barbara Corcoran. As you can imagine, when working with such high caliber talent, expectations are high and there are a lot of logistics and details that need to be arranged and executed. Sherrie does not disappoint! She is a consummate professional, who is extremely professional and thorough. She conducts herself with such grace, poise and professionalism that I never have to worry about our celebrities when they are in her hands. She thinks quickly, makes excellent decisions and has excellent follow through.

Kristi Wilson, VP Sales
Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Sherrie and her team on multiple occasions in both Operations and Sales; all of which turned out beyond our expectations. She’s dedicated to her client(s) and handles her job like a true professional. This, with her meticulous attention to detail, has produced flawless events. We’ve fostered a wonderful relationship over the three years we’ve worked together and look forward to many more. Any organization would benefit from having SLS on their team.

Arturo Cruz-Tucker, National Sales Manager
Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

I have had the great pleasure of working with Sherrie at over 7 events in the past three years and all I can say is WOW! Sherrie’s friendly and professional demeanor makes her easy to work with, especially in high stress situations such as LIVE events. One of the many skill sets Sherrie excels at when it comes to event planning is how she manages her team. Anytime I have worked with Sherrie, I always knew where I had to be and what I had to do, which allowed for me to create the best experience for our guests and attendees. As I now work on growing my own new business there is no doubt in my mind that Sherrie will be the first person I call when I am ready to plan my first LIVE event.

Mara Glazer

I started working with Sherrie Sokolowski in June 2009. I have developed a solid, professional relationship with Sherrie since day one. I was quickly able to see her abilities as a meeting planner. She has always been consistent on her priorities and knowledge on the concessions available for her groups in our hotels. Sherrie is able to handle multiple events at the same time and gives priority to each of them. She communicates clearly and this has always helped her create very successful events. Sherrie is very detail oriented and great at following up. It has always been a pleasure to work with her.

Patricia H. Jarava
Marriott International

I have been fortunate to work closely with Sherrie Sokolowski for several years now. Sherrie is an expert at organizing and event planning. She is completely thorough and a real pleasure to work with. Her foresight and knowledge of what it takes to accomplish a successful event is rare and it makes the process smooth and uncomplicated. If you are interested in creating an event now or in the future, Sherrie and SLS Event Planning and Consulting should be your first choice.

Bill Dickson
DRAT Productions, Inc.

As the world’s fastest reader, I regularly speak at large events throughout the world. I’ve become an expert on judging the quality of event coordinators as a result of my experiences. I have attended numerous programs put together by Sherrie Sokolowski, and she consistently produces top notch events that have attendees raving, and speakers thrilled with their results. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in running a successful event.

Howard Stephen Berg–The World’s Fastest Reader
Executive Member of Howard Stephen Berg International LLC

If you are planning an event, Sherrie is the person who you want on your side. For years I’ve watched her handle every detail of huge events with hundreds of people, and do it in a calm and efficient manner. Her attention to detail is remarkable.

In every single event I’ve attended that Sherrie ran, and there have been many, I’ve had strong confidence that my needs would be taken care of, whether I was an attendee or a speaker. Sherrie is simply the best.

Jeff Herring

I’ve attended over six events that Sherrie Sokolowski has planned and coordinated. I could tell that a great amount of attention to detail, effort and planning were involved. Each event was a great experience and I looked forward to attending. From registration, materials, schedule, entertainment, food – everything made for a great experience.

Scott Whitaker,
President of Church Leader Insights

My first experience with working with Sherrie was back in 2006 and it was flawless; she handled everything so professionally and smoothly. And there was never even a hint of attitude about that, which was a big relief and which I have always remembered and appreciated.

I’ve been speaking since the 1980’s and have worked with scores of other Executive Assistants and meeting planners, and Sherrie definitely stands out as being one of the very best. She’s someone you can count on, someone who has very high standards and always meets or exceeds them, and is easy to work with as well. She really is the Gold Standard when it comes to doing what she does.

Sydney Barrows