How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an event planner and consulting expert?

The starting point of my event planning career began with Bill Glazer and Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™. When I began working with Bill Glazer in 2005, I was hired as his Executive Assistant but quickly took on the additional role of Event Manager and Planner. When Bill interviewed me, he told me this position would be “an apprentice position, anything I wanted to learn he would teach me.” I thought, “Wow, this is great.” I had always encountered the challenge of out-growing my previous positions in ‘Corporate America’ and thought this was the ideal situation for me. Not only did I take on the responsibility for organizing hospitality services, social events, major national events, site selection, hotel negotiations, traveling and accommodations, liaising with speakers and VIPs, and overseeing all event staff, I also learned a great deal of marketing tips, strategies, business planning and so much more working side by side with Bill Glazer and listening to the top Marketing Experts on stage for over 7 years. So, to answer these questions … through determination and hard work, I learned quickly what it took to run smooth, successful and profitable events to get where I am today as the owner of my own event planning business.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are people just like you in private practice or other independent professionals that own and operate small to medium size businesses and even corporations looking to put on meetings and trainings for their employees.  These clients run the gamut of industries from business and life coaches to sales trainers and entertainers (and everything in between).

What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?

Something I learned during my time at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™ is there are all kinds of business owners, in all walks of life. All I need is a little background about your company, what your goals and event needs are and we can move forward with planning and executing a successful event.

How are you different from other “event planners?”

I like to think that I have a huge advantage over most event planners. I learned from one of the best in the industry. When Bill Glazer had me take on the role of Glazer-Kennedy’s event planner, he hired Bari Baumgardner to take the lead as our event planner and train me in the process. What better way to learn the process … then by doing! Not only did I learn all the ins and outs of event planning, contract negotiating and onsite event management from one of the best but I was able to take the experience and make it my own. I had the opportunity to learn what didn’t work and improve it. My on-the job training, along with the expertise of working side by side with one of the best marketing guru’s in the industry gives me an advantage over other event planners.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

I work best with clients who are able to “let go.” What does that mean exactly? When you hire me to plan and execute your event, you’re getting an extremely detailed oriented person to carry out your wishes.  I thrive best when given all the details necessary to get you the best deal possible the first time around. So, if you are someone that isn’t sure what your event needs are yet, be sure to be honest with me and yourself. After all, if you want to run a first class affair that provides an amazing experience for your attendees and leaves a lasting impression then we need to work through your details first to make sure we achieve these results.  But once I have those details in hand, I will pick up the ball and carry it completely over the finish line so you don’t have to worry or involve yourself in the details once they’ve been decided.

What exactly are your services and what do they include?

SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC organizes, sets up, and manages various corporate, public, and private events and meetings. We will find appropriate venues, negotiate rates, and determine the need for food, drinks, tables, and equipment. As an additional service, we can attend the convention, meeting, or event we organize for you in order to ensure your speaker’s needs are met, schedule runs smoothly and timely, provide on-site support for your event staff, manage meal functions and oversee food & beverage budget.

All we need is a basic idea of what your event is all about, including why it is taking place,budget information, and the number of people who will be attending. Below is the list of service packages SLS offers along with a brief description to help you better understand and guide you to the package that best suits your event planning needs.

Package #1 – The Negotiator Plan: Research, Negotiating Favorable Contracts and Budget Planning for maximizing revenue.

SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to help better understand the needs of your group and enable us to put together a Request for Proposal for Hotels in your preferred locations. SLS will ensure you contract with a quality hotel at the best rate available with enhanced contract terms, reduced liability and greater than before profit. 

  • Develop a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) based on proposed cities to research venues
  • Analysis hotel proposals, select several hotel options for your review with spreadsheet of options for each city with our recommendations
  • Negotiate the hotel/group contract; including room rates, food and beverage terms, contract terms, concessions, attrition, and related clauses that impact your bottom line.
  • Develop realistic budget for estimating food and beverage expenditures based on estimated number of attendees.

Package #2 – The Playbook Program: Research, Negotiating Favorable Contracts, Budget Planning, Pre-Planning Support, Key Support, Post-Conference Accounting.

  • Develop a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) based on proposed cities to research venues
  • Analysis hotel proposals, select several hotel options for your review with spreadsheet of options for each city with our recommendations
  • Negotiate the hotel/group contract; including room rates, food and beverage terms, contract terms, concessions, attrition, and related clauses that impact your bottom line.
  • Develop realistic budget for estimating food and beverage expenditures based on estimated number of attendees.
  • By participating in conference calls with key staff, we will determine space requirements, hotel preferences, banquet needs and audio-visual specifications.
  • Develop a comprehensive master planning schedule based on event needs determined by conference calls with key staff.
  • Oversee room block, communications to hotel, tracking of rooms booked, managing VIP rooming list and overflow hotel assistance.
  • Assist key staff with speaker and vendor communications is dependable and frequent.
  • Confirm all hotel, speaker and vendor arrangements have been made prior to event.
  • Final accounting support to include bill review, consolidations and dispute negotiations.
  • If requested, provide final accounting summary for use in future planning.
  • Post-conference de-briefing and report to include suggestions for improving attendee and speaker experience, and maximizing future revenue.

As you can see from the long list of items above, SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC is here to serve as an extension of your event team. The post-conference meeting and accounting is as important as pre-conference planning. SLS will do our part to ensure your bill is correct and will make sure all concessions and credits have been applied.

Package #3 – The Concierge Program: (All Services Found in Package #2, PLUS: Onsite Implementation Services, to include:

  • Onsite event planning support.
  • Assist you and your key staff to anticipate hotel implementation timelines.
  • Work with your key staff to schedule outside vendors to ensure seamless delivery and meet deadlines.
  • Work with AV service provider to ensure the audio-visual equipment is properly set up and working.

In addition to the services provided under Package #2, SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC will be onsite for your event making sure your event needs are met.

If you choose the Detailed Execution Plan, SLS also offers additional specialty services to enhance your event service packages. Below you will find A La Carte services that SLS offers.

Speaker Concierge: With SLS’s experience, we offer a Speaker Concierge service to ensure your speakers have a worry free experience at your event. This crucial and time-consuming service is a foundation of a successful sales event. SLS’s Speakers Concierge service will help you keep track of speaker sales, benefit from dedicated speakers, and reduce your staff time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Sponsor Concierge: To assist you with attracting additional revenue to your event, SLS Event Planning and Consulting, LLC offers a Sponsor Concierge service to ensure you make the most of your event and your sponsors and exhibitors have a worry-free experience. This service can help you increase profit and visibility by providing a smooth transition from start to finish with your sponsor/exhibitor. Having a floor plan that is a win/win for you and your sponsor/exhibitor, you will enhance your creditability by giving them a positive experience they will want to come back for again and again.

How much do all of these services cost?

Great question.  As you can tell from all of my answers here, I’m all about ROI for you.  So I do not dodge this question, but yes, it’s intentional that my rates are not listed on this website.  What I’ve found is that each event is so unique that it simply doesn’t make sense for me to quote prices without first understanding your event needs.  The best way to get a quote from me is to fill out the simple information request form here.  It’ll tell me what I need to know to give you an accurate quote.

I will say that as of now (before November 1, 2012) you’ll find my rates well below market value and an incredible bargain given my experience and abilities.  You will quickly see how committed I am to your ROI. 

How will I see a Return On My Investment?

Yes … ROI is the “bottom line.” As SLS works through the negotiating process on your behalf, it is our goal to get you instant Return On your Investment by collaborating with the hotel for commissions, discounts or even rebates on your hotel contract. What does all this mean to you? We will make sure your initial investment with SLS is returned back to you through these concessions so at the end of the day (event) you will get your ROI. Another way you get a Return on Investment is the quality of your event and the experience your attendees will receive. Remember, it is the goal of SLS to help you achieve a flawless execution of the event you’ve worked so hard to plan and fill.  What this means for you is not only will SLS help you find your ROI with the hotel contract but also ROI with your event by managing all the details and avoiding possible lost revenue by “sealing the cracks.”

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, I encourage you to! Please go to the TESTIMONIAL SECTION page and read all of them. You will find testimonials from speakers, vendors and of course … Bill Glazer.

How can I guarantee myself that I will receive positive ROI by working with you?

Make sure you supply all the important details of your event on the questionnaire provided. Be totally honest and realistic with your event needs. Clients I’ve worked with that follow these suggestions find they spend much less time worrying about the details and bottom line than they would have if they had to plan their event on their own AND find their ROI is more than they anticipated.

OK, I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Great! You’ve made the first necessary decision to a successful and profitable event …

Here’s what to do:  just click here to select the program you feel will best meet your needs.  You’ll then be able to fill out an information request form so I can better understand the specifics of your event before we speak.  When you click submit on that page you’ll then be taken to my link to schedule a 30 minute n/c discovery phone conversation so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit to ensure you have the best, most profitable event yet!

OK, I’m ready to do this, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes, of course!  It’s best for us to schedule it ahead of time so we can be sure that we’re both available.  You can schedule a n/c 30 minute discovery phone conversation with me by clicking here:  Schedule a Call.  I do prefer that you fill out the information request form here first, but if you have difficulty doing so because you’re starting from scratch with this event, you can click right on the timetrade link to schedule your call now.  I look forward to working with you and am honored to be the one to help you achieve a successful event.

Let’s get started!