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Read below to see which profile best fits your current business phase and event goals right now…

With our Negotiator Program you’re in the beginning phase of holding small events of 100 people or less, and you want your events to be in a great location at a great price including all the bells and whistles that you can get for that great price, your primary focus needs to be on ROI and customer service.

With our Playbook Program, you’re determined to have a “runs like clockwork event” whether it’s for 100 or 1000 people, and you want everything meticulously mapped out so your event will have structure and come with instructions, your primary focus needs to be on ROI and detailed planning.

With our Concierge Program, you’re a “rockstar” entrepreneur/promoter with grand ideas for your unique event and require a detailed execution plan.  You don’t just want it meticulously negotiated and planned, but you want to leave a lasting impression on your attendees, your primary focus needs to be on detailed execution.